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Important Message from the CEO of LLC UFMS

Hello everybody! My name is Maksim Sladkoshtiev. I’m the Owner and CEO of company LLC "UFMS”. We start a new project, dealing with Russian Visas, Tours to Russia, Business in Russia and Education in Russia. Few words about me… I originate from the small city Kurgan, it is a regional center of Kurganskaya oblast and is situated in the geographical center of Russia. I worked several years as a teacher of English, then started my Educational Center. In 2013 together with my best friend we created a global project, helping people to move to a new country/city, and settle there. Today we have world’s biggest company in our sphere, and about 200 professional lawyers, assisting our clients with all nuances of immigration process. 
In 2016 we decided to start a new project – “Go-To-Russia”. So, we’ll help people to migrate and travel to Russia. We want to prove the world’s society, that Russia is SAFE, ATTRACTING, CHARMING and WAITING FOR THE INTERNATIONAL VISITORS!!! 
Every day in my BLOG I will explain different issues about Business in Russia, Education in Russia, Life in Russia and ways of Touring Russia. 
On February 27, Russian people celebrated holiday, called “Maslenitsa”. This is the special day when people say “good-bye” to winter, and greet spring. This holiday is deeply connected with Russian dish, called Blini. 
Blini are thin pancakes. They can go just with butter or sour cream. But many cooks use to make rolls out of blini with all kinds of filling…. potatoes, meat, cottage cheese, bacon, strawberry, cherry, jam, red caviar. Blini are often done in house-ovens. Blinis were considered by early Slavic people in pre-Christian times to be a symbol of the sun, due to their round form. 
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