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Education in Tyumen

Education in Russia / Tyumen

Tyumen is a beautiful and comfortable city with a highly-developed infrastructure. This city is called “the city of happy people”. In addition, Tyumen is recognized as the Best Russian City for the Quality of life. However, Tyumen boasts not only the tourism component, but also the level of higher education. In Tyumen, there are several major universities, which give high quality education. Particular attention is paid to the oil and gas industry: in this city is concentrated a powerful educational potential of the country in this area.

Tyumen State University.

The largest university of the city. It consists of 12 institutions, like several educational establishments. It has about 15 academic buildings around the city of Tyumen, 8 libraries, 10 gyms and its own channel on local television. Tyumen State University actively cooperates with educational institutions around the world. At the university, there are many international exchange programs, scholarships for foreign students and employment opportunities.

Tyumen Industrial University.

It is a leading engineering university of the country. It was formed because of the reorganization of the two universities: Tyumen State Oil and Gas University and Architectural University. Today it is a major educational research and production complex with a wide range of professional educational programs and large research capacity. The university contains of 7 institutes, 17 dormitories, a library and information center and a large number of research laboratories.

Tyumen State Medical University.

Tyumen Medical University occupies a worthy place among the medical universities of the country; it is integrated into the international high school and medical science. This educational establishment has a good financial support, so students can use the most modern medical equipment. The structure of the university includes 6 educational buildings, 2 gyms and a multidisciplinary clinic. Among the international university partners it has such countries as France, Hungary and Kazakhstan.

Tyumen High Military Engineering Command School (also Tyumen Military Institute of Engineering Troops).

Tyumen Military Institute of Engineering Troops prepares officers of engineer troops and specialists with higher military-special education. The university traditionally holds celebrations dedicated to such events: the release of the young officers, the adoption of the military oath by freshmen, celebration of Day of engineering troops, School of Education Day, the Day of Fatherland Defenders and others. In addition, according to the established tradition, it takes part in all the events of the city and regional scale, which are held in Tyumen. 

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