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Vladivostok Universities

Education in Russia / Vladivostok

In Vladivostok, there are 114 general education institutions, with a total of 50.7 thousand students. Municipal city education system consists of pre-school, primary, basic, secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums.

In 2016, were opened branches of the Academy of Russian Ballet and the Nakhimov Naval School.

At the moment, the largest university in Vladivostok is the Far Eastern Federal University. 41 thousand students study here.

Higher education in the city is also represented by such universities as:

- the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service,

- Far Eastern State Academy of Art,

- Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University,

- Maritime State University named after Admiral Nevelsky,

- Pacific Naval Institute

- Pacific State Medical University.

There are branches of the Russian Customs Academy, Modern Humanitarian Academy, the International Institute of Economics and Law, and the Far East law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

In Vladivostok, dozens of international and regional scientific conferences and seminars are held annually, with the involvement of Korean (Seoul University, Inё University, Gangnam University) and Chinese (Chinese Academy of Sciences) scientific organizations. Institutes of the Far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Far East Sciences host the annual Festival of Science "Window to Science".

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