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Yekaterinburg Universities

Education in Russia / Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg education system includes the whole range of educational institutions: pre-school, general, special (correctional), professional (Secondary and higher education) and additional. Today the city is one of the largest educational centers in Russia.

164 general educational institutions are opened in Yekaterinburg: 160 daily and four evening. In 2015, 133,800 people were enrolled in secondary schools.

In July 1914 was established the city's first university - Ural Mining Institute of Emperor Nicholas II (now the Ural State Mining University). Sverdlovsk Energy Communications College - the first in the city center for training specialists in the field of communications has been opened in 1930 (now - Ural Technical Institute of Communications and Informatics). The first University in Yekaterinburg appeared after Decree of SNK RSFSR, signed by Vladimir Lenin, on October 19, 1920 - Ural State University (now - Ural Federal University). In 1979 came the first in the Urals - university for preparation of engineering-pedagogical staff - Sverdlovsk Engineering Pedagogical Institute (today the Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University).

Currently, the city has 20 state universities, in which study more than 140,000 students. In addition, the city has 14 private universities, including one municipal institution - Yekaterinburg Academy of Modern Art and one church institution - Yekaterinburg Theological Seminary. Also located in Yekaterinburg Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

In May 2011 was created the largest in the Urals and one of the largest universities of Russia - Ural Federal University named after Boris Yeltsin, First President of Russia.

In the city, there are many branches of foreign universities.

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