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Bike-tours in Russia

Exotic tours to Russia / Bike-tours

Properly organized bike tour is a pure fun, laid-back leisure charging health. This is the first step to cycling tourism, which you will certainly love!

Bicycle tours on Lake Baikal, the Altai region, the Crimea are the best ones!!! And the most exciting thing is that the prices will pleasantly surprise you and you even don’t need to fly here with your own bike, tour operator will provide it!

Backpacks and other things will go for you in the car. You will only need to pedal and enjoy. 65 kilometers a day - so even a beginner will master the distance, photographing the surrounding area and enjoying the nature.

Kamchatka is a collection of impressions.

Biking in Russia includes the amazing offers for 2017. One of them is an active summer tour to Kamchatka. There you will find:

- volcanoes tops, touching the clouds.

- whales, splashing in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

- lava and hot springs, mountain streams and dead wood.

It is so breathtaking, that it is difficult to believe your eyes. But at the end of a two-week trip comes nirvana. Here comes update and restart of the whole organism.

Mountain bikes, rafts, helicopter - at your service we have different types of transport and recreation.

Bicycle tours in Karelia - one of the most popular types of healthy recreation. Tour - a real treasure for lovers of adventures. Every day - fresh impressions.

1. Rafting, kayaking.

2. Jeeps and quads.

3. Cycling and hiking.

You can choose a family organized bicycle tour. In addition to outdoor activities, you can visit the island of Kizhi, which is now UNESCO object - a sample of Russian architecture.

If you want to spend a weekend or holidays for the benefit of your body and soul, go to the bike tour to the monuments of ancient architecture and the northern Russian culture - in the Arkhangelsk region.

From one old Russian village - to another. Slowly and comfortably, placing things in the accompanying vehicle.

• Chrysostom Church tent type, built in the XVII century.

• Porzhensky churchyard.

• Unique Old Believers cave.

• Cabin of northern farmers.

• Amazing church-rocket.

• Holy springs and sacred trees.

Hospitable and original Arkhangelsk region is waiting for you in a monthly seven-day tour.

Features of bike tours

Usually, bike trips begin in Russia in the end of April- beginning of May and last until the end of September or mid-October, depending on weather. Usually organizers provide all the necessary equipment for cyclists. It is not only the bike, but a tent, sleeping bag, mat, tableware. All the heavy stuff is generally transported by car escort.

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