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Car-tours in Russia

Exotic tours to Russia / Car-tours

Jeeping is a kind of extreme relaxation, which is gaining popularity in Russia every year. Jeepers usually avoid popular and crowded roads, and choose amazing natural paths. The result is memorable, vivid photos and improvement of driving skills. At every step of the way you are accompanied by professional instructors.

The great thing is mixing jeeping with climbing or rafting.

Travelling off-road is an option for the whole family: even children can go on a tour in the passenger seat. Impressions of this trip will be longer than even from swimming in the sea.

There are weekly tours and weekend programs which are suitable for corporate and team building trips.

There are several main routes in Russia:

- Wonderful Kola Peninsula;

- Unexplored Karelia;

- Warm Crimean peninsula;

- Elbrus;

- Travel in the surrounding area of Lake Baikal.

The fresh air, the energy of nature and the roar of engines is a great option to change the usual urban landscape and have a good rest!

What is usually included in the tour?

For convenience, the program includes a range of services:

- Accommodation (private cabins, cottages for 4-6 persons);

- The full meals;

- Instruction and training of drivers of jeeps;

- Preparation of off-road vehicles;

- Car rent;

- Fuel;

- Any insurance;

- Entertainments - excursions, sauna, fishing and so on.

All the jeep tours in Russia can be divided into three categories depending on the form of the personal involvement of the tourist: as a passenger (driving guide); as a driver in a rented SUV (or instructor, or car maintenance) or on its own SUV (instructor in the car maintenance).

This variety of options for jeep tours allow tourists choose to travel to your taste, depending on the management experience of SUV: to practice driving on the road, or just take a sightseeing trip to reach places of interest.

The jeep tours are held in Russia in Krasnodar, in the Moscow and Leningrad regions, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula, in the Altai and Lake Baikal, Kamchatka.

In Adygea during jeep tour you can see the most impressive natural sites in its mountainous part: Sahrayskie waterfalls Ridge Una-Koz, the highest waterfall - University, and on the way to Guam gorge and unique untouched by mass tourism - the valley Hakodz River - Canyon with beautiful waterfalls, hidden in the woods.

Altai jeep tours usually start in Barnaul, sometimes in Novosibirsk. Agencies of Altai usually chose the route called “Chuiski” - ancient caravan route that connected China and Russia. Chuiski begins at the bridge over the river Biya in Biysk, goes through Altai Krai and Altai Republic, ends at the border with Mongolia. The track is quite suitable for the movement of off-road vehicles, but in some mountain areas can only be reached on the GAZ-66.

Tuva attracts participants of jeep tours with "cosmic landscape", which stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Land is incongruous here: steppe, taiga, tundra, mountains, where rare animals live. On the territory of Tuva, there are almost no signs of modern civilization. These places preserve the heritage of ancient civilizations. And local residents carefully preserve the culture of their ancestors. Therefore, a visit to the home of cattleman, acquaintance with shamans – is almost mandatory items in a jeep tour program: a journey to Tuva - is like a journey through time.

Baikal routes originate in Irkutsk. Jeep tours of the capital of Eastern Siberia to Mongolia and to the Western Sayan - a multi-day adventure travel.

Travelling off-road along the lake assumes a long vacation on the lake, fishing, lake cruise, hiking and even scuba diving in the clean and clear waters of the deepest lake in the world. In February-March, when the thickness of ice on the lake allows you to move on cars, on the icy surface of the lake jeepers make trips by car to the Olkhon island.

Fire-breathing majestic cones of mountains, lakes in huge circular basins, lunar landscapes of stone desert near the volcanoes on Kamchatka attract hundreds of travelers too. Here, almost all jeep tours begin in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Karelia travel companies offer combined tours when traveling on forest roads is interrupted for rafting on the rapid Karelian rivers.

On the Kola Peninsula tours run along the 69 parallel - the northernmost corner of Russia. Rocks, snapping into the sea, a real mountainous tundra, covered with a carpet of dwarf birches and lichen - the main feed for the reindeer. The Great Patriotic War here left behind numerous scars. During Jeep tour, tourists have the opportunity to take the old front-line roads, visit the abandoned caves, climb the anonymous skyscrapers, still belted trenches and rows of rusty barbed wire…

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