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Exotic tours to Russia / Extreme tours to Taiga

Extreme types of tourism have developed rapidly in all regions of Russia and the Altai Mountains in particular. What can be so unpredictable and breathtaking, like risk and extreme feelings? This information, of course, is for those who love extreme kinds of tourism, who likes to tickle his/her nerves and experience the adrenaline rush!

Rafting on the mountain river carrying stones, horse trail into the forest, where you can meet a bear, the descent into the cold and dark cave, hang-gliding – are only several kinds of extreme tourism.

We offer you a variety of extreme tours: rafting, speleological camp and the journey into the realm of the brown bear - the Taiga!

Extreme forms of tourism, such as snowboarding, delta and paragliding, rafting and so on, require a tourist preparation, both physical and psychological. Exciting alloys, magnificent climbing, horse riding with different categories of complexity! Choose the one which you want! We'll show it to you, and you'll love it!!!

Extreme tourism implies the presence of special equipment, special clothing, and footwear. If you do not have this available, you can use the rental. All kinds of extreme tourism are provided by qualified guide-instructors and guides who will take care of you throughout the tour.


An example of “The Taiga tour”

You have a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of the centuries-old Aboriginal Baikal taiga - to ensure the existence of yourself in the wild in Siberia. You will learn how to find food and clean water, make a bonfire, navigate in the woods, to distinguish the traces of wild animals, predict the weather and arrange a safe night.

Throughout this adventure tour you will be accompanied by guides and rangers (4 people: expedition medic, skilled huntsman, psychologist, director of expedition). You can select a group leader who will guide you through the complexities of the Taiga. They can help you make a fire, get food, protect yourself from the dangers of Baikal Taiga. But in the first days of travelling, all this will be done by yourself, coming to mutual assistance to each other.

In addition to the guides you will have two camera-men, who will shoot the most interesting moments of your hard, but interesting adventure!

The guides will show you, if necessary, how to get the nut from the highest cedar, help to find and prepare edible mushrooms and berries, will show which plants can be eaten and used as medicines. They are able to teach you the art of getting wild animals without weapons, and fish - without any special gear.

In this journey, you will not be in one place. You'll be constantly on the move. The goal is to reach  the civilization in a short time. You will need to overcome the complexity of the seven-day trek from the highlands to the stalemate on the shore of Lake Baikal via mountain taiga trail.

The length of your route will be about 100 km.

This route is one of the most interesting routes in the area. The participants will have the opportunity to experience the majestic mountain range Khamar-Daban, rich flora and fauna of the Baikal region. In addition, the route is extremely beautiful! And most importantly - this is one of the most "wild" and seldom visited areas due to the remoteness of the region.

The participants are delivered from Irkutsk to the place of the beginning (Khamar-Daban, stalemate Highlands) by MI-8 helicopter at a height of about 2050 m above the sea level. Travel time from Irkutsk to stalemate Highlands is about a half hour flight.

Having overcome all the difficulties of the taiga and the Baikal Mountains, you reach the village of Murino on the shore of Lake Baikal. Here you will meet representatives of the Organizing-company with a delicious dinner, champagne, and other benefits of civilization. 

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