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Long-long ago in the Stone century fish entered the human diet, and at that time the first fishing gear began to appear, which allowed to fish faster and more agile than with the harpoons. For centuries, fishermen have learned to associate the weather changes with the image of fish action. Now modern fishermen know at what time the fish spawn, what it eats and what are its habits at different times of the year. Russia is rich in boundless reservoirs filled with a variety of fish specimens, making fishing a true pleasure to each fisherman. Probably no other country can boast of such an abundance of river and lake fish. Fishing in Russia depending on the month has its own quirks. Each variety of fish has peculiar behavior and type of fish rising. For example, in April, the fishermen go on a dangerous and exciting adventure - ice fishing. Waking up after winter cold fish actively peck and respond well to the bait. In spring, you can go fishing for perch, pike-perch, bream and pike. And the autumn fishing requires knowledge of fishermen leashes.

Here are several examples of popular fishing regions.

Fishing in Astrakhan region

Fishing in Astrakhan region has won the recognition of professionals and amateurs. A huge number and variety of fish in the rivers of this region earned the fame as a "Fishing Eldorado".

Astrakhan region nature itself is divided into two areas: the Lower Volga and Akhtuba and the Volga delta. Volga - Akhtuba floodplain has lots of sandy beaches, Lake Ilmen, countless canals and ravines steep cliffs. We encourage you to go on a fishing trip to Astrakhan, in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain in order to obtain excellent catch and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes.

One can go fishing in the Astrakhan region all year round. Summer Fishing in Astrakhan starts from March and lasts until November.

Winter fishing in Astrakhan usually begins in late December - early January and lasts until March. It is likely to appeal to true lovers of fishing in extreme conditions. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure to get a feeling that cannot be compared with anything else!

Fishing in the Arkhangelsk region

Fishing facilities in the Arkhangelsk region - a field camp, equipped with everything necessary for a good rest. Here you can combine the comfort of accommodation and enjoy the wildlife.

In the foothills of the Timan Ridge, untouched by civilization nature, flows the river Volonga. Crystal clear water and a huge variety of fish - this is a paradise for avid anglers. Therefore, fishing in Arkhangelsk region will be an amazing adventure!

In the waters of the Volonga there are such kinds of fish, like salmon, whitefish, white salmon, omul, brown trout, grayling and Arctic char. Fishing in the Arkhangelsk region will give you an unforgettable experience!!!

Fishing on the Kola Peninsula

Russian north. The majestic, wild and pristine. Here remained still untouched realm of Atlantic salmon - the famous Russian salmon. Here flow world-famous salmon rivers - Umba, Varzuga, Strelna, Kola, Pan Ponoy and many, many others.

Fishing on the Kola Peninsula attracts fishing lovers from Europe, America and Asia. They use spinnings to catch salmon, large trout and grayling swift. On the lakes you can catch a trophy pike, big perch, ide, trout and grayling.

If you want to enjoy a unique combination of wild untouched nature and true sport fishing for wild salmon, we invite you on a fishing trip to the Kola Peninsula!!!

Fishing on the Kola Peninsula will conquer your heart forever!

We offer you some of the most interesting routes along the rivers and lakes of the Kola Peninsula. Our partners - fishing base on the Kola Peninsula will provide you with comfort and high quality service, and organize unforgettable fishing trips!

Fishing on Lake Baikal

There are places on earth worth visiting at least once in life. The unique beauty and one of the greatest lakes in the world - Baikal - is located almost in the center of Asia, a huge stone bowl at a height of 445 m above sea level. Anyone who has ever been on its shores, is stunned and mesmerized by the grandeur and power of this extraordinary miracle of Siberian nature. Lake Baikal - the deepest (1,637 m) lake in the world. Its water surface covers an area of 31.5 thousand square kilometers. Here are concentrated 23 thousand cubic meters (22% of world reserves) of fresh water, unique in its quality. Baikal is unique by its antiquity. It is about 20 million years old. Over the years, its climate, flora and fauna of the lake beaches, undeveloped civilization, hasn’t undergone any significant changes. Today you can feel the same environment in which there was a man of the Stone Age.

Lakeside is crowned high (3500 m), with snow-capped mountains. Along the foot of the ridge is dominated by taiga cedar, pine, larch, birch, aspen rich berry plantations and numerous inhabitants of the Taiga: bears, squirrels, ermines, foxes, lynx, wonderful barguzin sable.

The uniqueness of the lake is its flora and fauna. 1550 known species of animals and 1,085 species of plant organisms, most of which is found only in Lake Baikal. In the lake live 56 species of fish. The main commercial fish – is delicatessen Baikal omul. The only mammal that lives in a lake water is Baikal seal. Baikal is beautiful and unique in every season. Bizarre cliffs, cozy coves, bays, numerous hot healing springs - all this, combined with the clean air, makes Lake Baikal the real center of the Russian and international tourism.

Fishing in Kamchatka.

Every avid angler at least once in his/her life has to go on a fishing trip to Kamchatka!

Kamchatka - a unique region with unspoiled nature! It attracts tourists from all over the world! Kamchatka's green forests, blue lakes and crystal clear rivers and majestic mountains, which tower over the whole Kamchatka Krai.

Fishing in Kamchatka is recognized as one of the best in the world! Only so many salmon are found in lakes and rivers of Kamchatka. Chinook, sim, coho, chum, sockeye, salmon, brown trout, char, grayling - the dream of each of the spinning fishing in Kamchatka. In the coastal waters of Kamchatka one can catch a giant halibut, reaching weights of over 200 kg!!!

Fishing Base in Kamchatka also arranges the best rafting, deep-sea fishing, and other extreme possibilities.

Fishing in Karelia

Fishing in Karelia will give fishing fans a lot of positive emotions, a lot of excitement and a good rest. In this region of mirrored lakes and fast-flowing rivers you can enjoy the genuine nature.

Summer Fishing in Karelia lasts from May to October. Your trophies will be salmon, trout, walleye, pike, perch, ide, grayling, whitefish, roach.

Winter fishing in Karelia lasts from December to May. Your trophies in winter will be: grayling, burbot, pike, trout, perch, bream, roach and perch.

We suggest you go fishing in Karelia, to taste all the pleasures of life and a serene escape from the bustle of the city. Our company offers fishing tours, during which you can forget about all your problems and plunge into a quiet hunt for underwater inhabitants of the rivers and lakes of the region. We invite you to the best fishing bases of Karelia!

Taimen fishing

Taimen is often called the king of fish! This is one of the largest and most wild of salmon family representatives. Taimen weigh 100 kg and can be 2 meters long!

Taimen fishing is carried out with strict observance of the principle of "catch - let go!" The main method of fishing - casting. The bait is a big lure or a mouse.

Today, Taimen fishing has become really exotic. To get to the fishing place you have to fly for a few hours by helicopter to the wildest places.

Our company offers you the unique Taimen tours, where you can test yourself in a battle with the king of fish!

Fishing in Volga Region

If you want to get a lasting impression and become the owner of great trophies - pay attention to the Volga region. This region is famous for its clean rivers, excellent biting, and incredibly beautiful landscapes. Therefore, anyone who is interested in fishing, should go fishing in the Volga region.

Fishing in the rich waters of the Volga will bring you a lot of excitement and enjoyment. This exciting experience will allow you to become the owner of a large catch! Such types of fish like walleye, bersh, asp, catfish, bream, ide, carp, pike and perch fish will be your achievements.

We invite you to a fishing base of the Volga region, the best of which are located at the confluence of the Volga and the Kama. 

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