» » » Feel the Russian History in “Russkaya Izba” Interactive Museum

Feel the Russian History in “Russkaya Izba” Interactive Museum

Exotic tours to Russia / Tour to Russian Village

"Russkaya Izba" is an old wooden hut where real peasants lived for a long time. These houses were very common at the beginning of the 20th century.

And the hut where the museum is situated was built in 1882. It is located in Kargapolye that is in Kurgan Oblast. "Russkaya Izba" started its work as a museum for children where they could find out about everyday life of Russian peasants. People who lived beside were interested and then the museum opened its doors for everyone. Now it is your turn to visit this place!!!

Russian peasants lived there about a century ago, so great atmosphere is guaranteed. You will go on a theatrical excursion that reproduces Russian traditions. The main feature of the museum is that all the exhibits can be touched and used there. You'll see the master's yard, inner porch, furnace, a room for guests. Besides that, you will get a chance to try Russian pancakes, to play old games at the courtyard, and to bake a loaf. Quite obvious that you do not see such things every day!!!

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