Exotic tours to Russia / Tours to Elbrus


Terms of the program: June-September;

Duration of the program: 9 days / 8 nights;

The cost of the program: 600 USD per person for a group of 5 people.,

700 USD per person for a group of 4;

Level of participants' training: experience of mountain hikes and tourism is desirable;

We propose to make an ascent to one of the most beautiful five-thousandths of the Caucasus, the legendary Kazbek (5033m).

Kazbek Mountain is located in the eastern part of the GKK, on the border of North Ossetia and Georgia.

Classical climbing routes to Kazbek:

- from North Ossetia, through the Karmadon Canyon;

- from the side of Georgia, from the village of Kazbegi (Stepantsminda).

From the Kazbek massif, powerful and severely broken glaciers descend in all directions. The Gergeti glacier flows to the southeast, the Glacier Milee flows to the northwest from the Maylian plateau into the Genaldon Gorge, the glacier Miley, which is wider in width than all the icefalls of the Caucasus.

A grandiose panorama of the Central and Eastern Caucasus opens from the top of Kazbek.

The route from Ossetia is more complicated technically, at the same time it’s very beautiful and saturated. The difficulty of the route is 2B of climbing.

The ascent begins in the village of Kani and passes through the valley of the Genaldon river, through hot springs, further along the north-western buttress of the OZhD peak, through the Kazbek plateau to the summit. The mountain of Kazbek consists of two peaks: Kazbek Vostochny (5033 m.) And Kazbek West (5015 m.).

It is possible to combine this program with the subsequent ascent to Elbrus, the acclimatization obtained will allow to reduce the ascent to Elbrus to 3-4 days.

Tour program

Day 1.

Arrival to Mineralnye Vody or Vladikavkaz (in the morning). Moving to Mineralnye Vody - the village of Kani (approximately 4-4.5 hours). Overnight stay in the upper reaches of Genaldon Gorge.

Day 2.

Transition to hot mineral springs, a height of 2300 m.

Day 3.

Transition to the Miley glacier, then along the north-western buttress of the OZhD peak to overnight stays of 3500 m.

Day 4.

Transition to overnight stays of 4200 m., Access to the Kazbek plateau, installation of the camp.

Day 5.

Day of rest. Ice lessons. Preparation for the ascent.

Day 6.

Ascent to Kazbek, descent to the camp of 4200 meters.

Day 7.

Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 8.

Descent to hot mineral springs.

Day 9.

Passage through the valley to the village of Kani. Departure on an evening flight.

When discussing the program with the group, it is possible to provide an additional day for sightseeing (Dargavs- "City of the Dead" / Alan cemetery, watchtowers, man's monastery, waterfalls).

The price includes:

- guide accompanying the group;

- meals during the program;

- rent of public and special equipment: burners, dishes, ice ax, carabiners, rope, safety systems, helmets;

- security (registration in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, first-aid kit, GPS-navigator);

- registration of passes to the border zone;

- Transfer from Mineralnye Vody (Vladikavkaz) to Kani-Mineralnye Vody (Vladikavkaz);

The price doesn’t include:

- a flight Moscow-Mineralnye Vody (Vladikavkaz) - Moscow;

- Alpine insurance;

- Rental of equipment (tents, shoes, crampon, etc.);

- meals in the cafe

Required documents

- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

- Pass to the border zone.


- on the mountain the guide prepares together with the participants of the program;

- during the daytime transitions a lunch pack is issued.


On the northern slopes of Kazbek (height 2000 m) in the summer the temperature is from +10 ° C to + 25 ° C, in spring and autumn from 0 ° C to + 20 ° C. In the base camp (4200 m) in the summer time it is from -10º to + 15ºС, and in autumn it is slightly colder, by 5-10 degrees.

Communication, telephone, internet

Mobile phones operate up to Kani and possibly on several sections of the route (at an altitude of 3,500 m and 4,200 m.). Be prepared for the lack of communication on all days of the active part of the program.

List of personal equipment

Downy jacket

Storm jacket with a membrane

Fleece jacket

Storm Trousers with a membrane

Fleece pants

Warm thermal underwear

Thin thermal underwear

Warm socks for climbing

Thin trekking socks (2 pairs)



Warm gauntlets

Fleece hat

Balaclava or face mask

Boots for climbing up to 5000 m

Sneakers or boots for alpine trekking


Ice ax

Telescopic sticks


Mask for mountain climbing

Glasses for climbing

Backpack for 80 - 100 liters

Sleeping bag


Personal kitchen utensils



Hygienic lipstick

Towel, soap, toothpaste, brush

Personal First Aid Kit

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