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The route: Elbrus-Terskol-Azau-Karabashi-Priut-11-rocks Pastukhova-Saddle-peak Elbrus

Duration of the tour-7 days, 6 nights (day of arrival, departure day included)

Dates: weekly tours. Arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday. There may be changes at the request of the group.

The level of training of participants: for beginners, teams and corporate groups.

For physically healthy people.

The program can be shortened or modified, shifted by the dates at the request of the group.

The cost of the tour: 700 USD per person (if a group is of 4 or more people). 900 USD per person for group of 3 people

Tour program:

Day 1. Arrival (before 3 pm Moscow time). Meeting in Minvody or Nalchik.

Organized transfer to Terskol village (3-4 hours). Accommodation. Dinner,

Discussion of the program. Browsing of the equipment. Theoretical information on safety in the mountains. Overnight stay in the village of Terskol.

Day 2. Breakfast. Climbing along the serpentine to Peak Terskol (3100 m)

In the high-altitude there’s an Observatory area. The duration of the route is 5-6 hours,

The distance is 16 km. Descent to Terskol. Dinner. Selection of missing equipment

At the box office. Packing the backpacks. Preparation for the ascent to the alpine shelter.

Dinner. Overnight stay in the village of Terskol.

Day 3. Breakfast. Transfer to the Azau meadow. Ascent on the MKD and chair lift

Up to Garabashi - Barrels (3750 m). Training and acclimatization transition

On the ice-snow plateau to the Shelter of Mary (4200 m.). Duration of ascent is

1,5-2 hours. Dinner. Practical training on the necessary elements of mountaineering

(Moving in crampon, putting on an individual safety system,

Moving with the use of handrails). Dinner. Overnight stay at the Shelter Maria.

Day 4. Breakfast. Acclimatization and training up to the rocks

Pastukhova (4750 m.) And back. The route takes 3-4 hours. Dinner. Information,

Discussion, preparation for the ascent to Elbrus. Dinner. Overnight stay at the Shelter Maria.

Day 5. Early rise at 01-02 am. Breakfast. Beginning of the Ascent at 03-04 am

(Depending on the weather conditions and the use of the snowcat). Ascent time is

8-10 hours, descent- 4-5 hours. A personal lunch package should be taken for the climb. Dinner.

Overnight stay at the Shelter Maria.

Day 6. Descent to the MKD in the village of Terskol. Dinner. Return of inventory to the rental.

Restoration trip to Narzan springs. Dinner.

Day 7. Departure to Minvody at 9.00 am (journey time 3-4 hours).

The price includes:

-Transfer from Minvod or Nalchik to Terskol and back;

-Internal transfer Azau-Terskol, Terskol-Azau; Ascent and descent to the MKD;

-Accommodation in the village of Terskol in the hotel, 2-3 bed rooms;

-Accommodation in high-mountain shelters;

- food in the high-mountain shelter.

-Production of theoretical and practical training on safety in the mountains and

The basics of mountaineering.

-Service guide: hiking, training acclimatization

Climbing and climbing Elbrus. (1 guide for 3-4 people). Additional guide, If the group is more than 4 people.

-Communication with the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations during ascending, hiking- at control points, and also under adverse weather conditions.

-One attempt to climb Mount Elbrus

Registration in the Ministry of Emergencies of all participants in ascents and hikes.

- Registration of passes to the border zone.

-Temporary registration of foreign citizens and citizens of the CIS.

-Rent of public safety equipment. For security

And the organization of safety ropes during climbing Elbrus and during hikes

(Ropes, carbines, ice screws) - if necessary.

Certificate of Ascension

The price does not include:

Possible fees for climbing Elbrus and staying in the national

Parking (1000 rubles / person)

- meals in Terskol - in hotels and cafes

- flight from the place of residence to Minvod (Nalchik) and back

-use of a snowcat

-additional guide (if group is of 4, or less than 4 people)

- purchase at the rental of missing personal equipment

- Porter's services.

Additional information about the tour:

Meeting at the airport or railway station in the city of Mineral Waters or Nalchik,

If the group or participants arrives in one of the cities before 3 pm (Moscow

Time) on the day of arrival. Minibus or car, depending on the size of the group.

Accommodation in Terskol in a hotel in 2-3 bed rooms

During acclimatization-training exits and ascent to Elbrus,

The group lives in a high-mountain shelter at an altitude of 4100 m.

Cooking while staying in an alpine shelter is carried out by the instructor-guide from products of fast and instant preparation.

Backpacks with personal equipment and products are carried by the participants themselves, from the barrels to the shelter for1,5 2 hours. .

It is possible to use a porter or a ratrak.

Acclimatization training is based on the principles of

Physiological bases of acclimatization and theory-methods of physical education

And contributes to optimal acclimatization for the ascent participants.

This type of training refers to stepwise acclimatization.

1 day- the height is 2200 m

2 day - the height is 3100 m

3 day - the height is 4200 m

4 day - the height is 4800 meters

5 day- the height is 5642 m

6 day - the height is 2200 m

Each participant should have a personal medical kit with personal medicines that you use in everyday life (from headache, temperature and vitamins).The guide has a public first aid kit .

Missing equipment is purchased at the rental office for 2-3 days.

The temperature in Terskol (2200 m.) In the summer is +10, +25 C; in the Spring-autumn- 0, + 15.

At the Maria shelter (4200 m.) In summer- 0, +15; Spring-autumn- + 10, -2

On the morning of the ascent (03-04 am), the temperature is -5, -15 summer-spring-autumn.

In the afternoon, at the ascent of 0, + 10. As a rule it’s windy.

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