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About the program

“Years of experience in off-piste skiing and work as a guide allowed me to create programs that help to gain knowledge of safety during skiing and the ability to technically make various descents on any slopes with varied terrain and snow. Do you know if you are your first slopes outside the tracks or are you an expert, skiing or snowboarding? I hope we can always offer you something new and interesting. The main location of the Elbrus program, in my opinion, is the best place in Russia for training off-piste skating-by the ratio of the diversity of the slopes, the availability and duration of the season. It is also possible, if there are applications from the group, to travel to other regions of the Caucasus”,

Kirill Anisimov

Description of the programs:

1. Freeride School

For those who are just starting their acquaintance with freeride.

The program is offered to skiers and snowboarders, confidently riding on the prepared slopes. The main task of the school is technical preparation: improving your skating technique on slopes of different steepness, with various types of mountain relief - from wide fields to narrow corridors, under any snow conditions - from deep fluffy virgin soil to hard firm mounds. You will get acquainted with avalanche equipment, learn how to bypass the dangers that invariably happen in the mountains. All this will allow

you to feel more comfortable and safe in any mountains outside the slopes. In the process of the program, video shooting is possible with subsequent analysis of your technique and mistakes that you make. Classes occur on unprepared and unraveled slopes, there may be outlets up or away from the cableway stations (up to 30 minutes). At the end of the school you will feel even more confident and instead of negative emotions from bad snow you will begin to get joy from descents on any snow.

The program includes a lecture on avalanche safety and classes in search in the avalanche (see avalanche courses)

2. Freeride with guides

For those who are bored with famous slopes.

The program is offered to skiers and snowboarders, confidently riding on the prepared slopes and having the experience of skiing outside the slopes. We will show you new routes of descents in well-studied areas, find a soft virgin land for seemingly rolled mountains, help improving the technique of descents. You will learn how to properly assess the slopes, choose safer routes, use avalanche equipment and radio communication, estimate the avalanche situation, and get the skills of riding outside the slopes in a small group. To reach the most interesting skiing areas, there are possible exits up from the cableway stations (from 30 minutes to 2 hours). ). During skiing on Elbrus, you can use a snowmobile to climb to the area of the shelter 11 (up to an altitude of 4100 m), from where you can make descents more than 10 km long. In the course of the program, classes are also held to ensure safety outside of skiing:

Training in working with special equipment (avalanche and safety);

Training of skills of moving and insurance on various types of mountainous terrain (avalanche slopes, glaciers, corridors, etc.);

Working out of interaction and the help in group

3. Freeride with elements of the ascent

For the initiates and beginners to understand the life of the mountains. The program is offered to skiers and snowboarders with good physical shape and confidently skating outside the slopes. During prolonged exits (from 2 to 6 hours) using snowshoes or equipment for ski tours, you will find yourself in low-traffic areas with great opportunities for off-piste skiing. Most likely, on this day you will make only one off-piste descent.

The emotional component of such routes is very high, some of you do not even immediately answer the question: What is better to go up, enjoying the silence, the beautiful mountains – orto go down? But many will understand the harmony of this day: one ascent and one descent ... Enough! During the ascents and outside the slopes, in the process of communicating with the guides, you will know the mountains better, we will explain how to set the safest route for ascent and descent, conduct avalanche equipment and radio communications in the mountains, and teach you how to use mountaineering equipment. It is possible to take photos and videotaping by a professional operator (tour operator) so that on long evenings in the city you can return to the eternal realm of the mountains.

Location of the programs

Slopes of Mount Cheget (the length of descents to 10 km.) And usually for 2 or 3 days - on the slopes of Elbrus (the length of descents up to 15 km.). This distribution is explained by the fact that the slopes of Cheget are more interesting and diverse for the development of skating techniques, as well as weather conditions.

For programs 3, other slopes are used in the Elbrus region, Backcountry programs.

Terms of the programs

As a rule, the start is every Saturday, beginning with the first snow (follow the information on the site!) And ending with mid-May. By prior arrangement we can start any day convenient for you. The programs are not conducted by leading guides during the freeride competitions and departure to other regions-these terms will hang on the site, or for objective reasons (illness, injury, etc.). In these cases, the programs will be run by my freeride program partners with guides. The same is true when arranging several groups at the same time.

Method of forming the groups

(For those who ride with us for the first time): Preliminary you send a questionnaire, based on this information I collect a group. On the first day of skiing we perform testing and final distribution in groups depending on the level of skiing. Those who have already skated with us, can simply send the application with terms and duration of programs. As a result of the test, the guide can offer you to work individually with the instructor, if your level of riding does not allow you to fully engage with the group.

The composition of the group is preferably homogeneous (all skiers or boarders), for programs 2 and 3 mixed groups are possible.

The number of people in groups is up to 4 people. In the programs of the school are up to 6 people. In the freeride-backcountry and freeride program. Individual lessons are also possible.

The number of guides per group is 1-2 - depending on the program and the number of people in the group.

The duration of the programs - from 3 to 7 days - according to your desire.

Standard programs: 3 and 6 days.

Cost of participation in the programs

For a person (in a group of 4-5 people): 1 day – 120 USD.

6 people, 100 USD.

The cost of an individual program is from 200 USD per day.

Group of 3 people - 150 USD per person per day.

The price includes:

Services of guides, skiing usually from 10 to 16 hours:

Provision of necessary avalanche and safety equipment (beeper, probe, shovel, strapping, rope, etc.)

The price does not include:


Payment for accommodation

Season ticket

Rental of equipment and outfitting


Conducting programs in Dombai and Krasnaya Polyana - when applying from an already formed group, all the conditions are discussed additionally. It is possible to carry out programs "Caucasian Derby" with a visit to 2 or more Caucasian resorts.

Necessary equipment

(Besides the usual one you take for skating):

A small backpack on which it is possible to fasten skis (boards)

Helmet - I highly recommend it!

Necessary equipment for programs 3 - see backcountry programs


We work in contact with the rescuers and avalanche service.

The choice of slopes for skiing is made on the basis of a daily analysis of avalanche risk of slopes, snow conditions and the level of preparation of the group.

All guides have passed schools on off-piste skating with certified European instructors, they are trained according to the international program of the Russian School of Mountain Guides

The guide always has:

Radio station and mobile phone for communication with other guides and rescuers

First-aid kit

Necessary rescue equipment

Customers are always provided with the necessary equipment for these conditions.

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