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Improving Your Health in Baden-Baden

Russian Medicine

“Baden-Baden” is a thermal complex in Kurgan Oblast. It is very modern what makes it one of the most popular hotel complexes of the region. Lots of people not only from the region, but the whole country come here.

Every guest of the complex can bathe outdoors all year round. The pool in Baden-Baden is rich in minerals, so the visitors can take care of their health while having good time on vacation. The pool has zone for children and two zones for adults with different depths. The complex states that its main goal is to improve the quality of people’s life through recovery, comfort, and pleasant atmosphere.

“Baden-Baden” offers its guests very comfortable rooms, cottages, cozy cafe, two waterslides, bath complex (it includes Finnish sauna, a font with cool water, saline room, and Russian banya), and lots of other different health-improving and entertaining services.

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