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Cheap flights to Russia

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Hello, dear friends! Today I will speak about the cheap prices for the flights to Russia from every part of the world. Our clients often say “Oh, the trip to Russia is so expensive, mostly because of the distance”. And few of them checked the prices of official airlines (mostly Russian airlines).

I take the official information from skyscanner.ru, www.pobeda.aero and expedia.com.

As you see from the Screen-shots, “Expedia” is not showing the cheapest flights.

So, if you want to find the cheapest flights to Russia, you better use Russian search systems.

The prices now are:

Germany – Russia (55-100 USD)

Italy – Russia (95-135 USD)

USA – Russia (280-350 USD)

Brazil – Russia (430-500 USD)

South Africa – Russia (325-400 USD)

China – Novosibirsk (90-130 USD)

Australia – Vladivostok (325 – 400 USD)

If you have any problems in finding of cheap flights, you may contact our managers, and they will assist you 24/7.

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