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Russian Souvenirs / Amber Jewellery

Amber is fossilized tree sap, mineral of organic origin. It captivates not only the beauty of amber and its fantastic age. Age of amber resin has been for millions of years! That resin of prehistoric conifers, which for thousands of years has been under the ground or under water in places inaccessible to oxygen. The time of birth of "sun stone" is rooted in the Mesozoic era in the Jurassic period, when dinosaurs walked on the Earth. Amber is a living symbol of geological time. Young Amber simply does not exist.

A beautiful legend tells of the origin of amber. Once young Lithuanian fisherman was sailing on the sea, and suddenly saw a very beautiful girl who danced on the waves. Fisherman fell in love. It turned out that the girl was the daughter of the Sea King. Such an unequal alliance angered much the gods of Heaven and they have brought down their anger on this girl’s house - a beautiful amber castle. Since then, on the shore of the Baltic Sea people find pieces of amber - fragments of ruined magic castle.

Ninety percent of the world reserves of amber are in Russia, and more precisely in the Kaliningrad region. This valuable natural material, whose age is 50 million years old, is a Russian national treasure, along with oil and gas.

The history of Russian amber began after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Part of East Prussia, where production of amber was concentrated, transferred to the Soviet Union. In 1947, the Kaliningrad Amber Factory was opened. The plant was the only company in the world, which produced the amber by open way.

In Russia, there are two art directions on work with amber. There are two schools of amber art in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. These workshops create unique masterpieces from the sunstone.

About a year ago, was created a Union of Young Russian designers «Russian Amber», with the support of the Kaliningrad Amber Plant. The participants discuss how to revive the amber and reopen it for the modern generations.

Association «Russian Amber» offered to young Russian brands cooperation on special terms "fresh ideas - for amber." Designers got amber and creative freedom to come up with sketches in a special creative style.

A hundred years ago, it was hard to imagine that amber jewelry will be presented at Moscow Fashion Century and sold in fashionable Moscow showrooms. Designers of the Association are actively cooperating with leading representatives of the fashion industry, jewelers, artists, stylists, photographers and journalists, together with them to open a new chapter in the history of Russian amber. 

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