Russian Souvenirs / Gzhel

Gzhel is a beautiful region of Russia and center of special products from porcelain, distinguished by their pale blue painting. In this region of Russia for the first time appeared such a thing as "Gzhel porcelain". This is where it was born and perfected.

For many people, this word is associated with the tale, beauty and harmony. Moreover, the real, highly dedicated craftsmen create not just porcelain, but real masterpieces that can attract the attention of the most demanding consumers.

Production of blue and white porcelain originated in Gzhel in the eighteenth century, while the first mention of pottery in this region dates back to the beginning of the fourteenth century. For its residents Gzhel region is associated not only with the pottery, they love it for the beautiful nature: lush forests and blue rivers. This nature has inspired them to create so elegant faience and porcelain. Residents of this region can be called true pioneers in this craft. Therefore, here came the first majolica ware. For its production masters use colored clay and colored painting. Later, with the advent of new materials, began the development of faience and after a while, there was an outstanding porcelain, which became the basis of the legendary Gzhel.

The tools of a painter are brushes, palette, spatula for mixing paints and a jar with cobalt oxide. Cobalt is a special paint on ceramics, which is originally almost black as soot, and turns bright blue only after roasting. Gzhel masters have more than 20 shades of blue, which is obtained after firing. Now you can imagine what wonderful artists and craftsmen make excellent Gzhel!

What stories are drawn on Gzhel? First, it is the nature and the seasons, especially the Russian winter. There may be scenes of urban and rural life, the characters of Russian fairy tales, blue birds, and blue flowers.

Gzhel is a vase, figurines, toys, articles of interior: fireplaces, chandeliers and other porcelain products. Gzhel products are popular at Russian and international market. Gzhel is a composition of folk art and paintings. In the production of porcelain, Gzhel follows the old Russian tradition in the art of the people. Gzhel masters paint each piece only by hand.

Gzhel has its own style - dark blue and blue patterns and flowers, decorations on a white background. The painting is made of cobalt, which in the process becomes characteristic Gzhel blue.

It would seem that one-color of painting makes porcelain monotonous, but everything turned out quite the opposite - thanks to distinctive blue color with its various shades, porcelain looks unique and original.

Even today, Gzhel craftsmen continue to create excellent artistic masterpieces of porcelain. Using the experience of our ancestors, and investing their own labor, craftsmen create inimitable products of porcelain art, which are known throughout the world.


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