Russian samovar

Russian Souvenirs / Russian Samovar

One of the most striking and illustrative features of Russian traditional way of life has long been considered a tea party with samovar. The samovar was not an ordinary accessory of household but a kind of personification of wealth, family comfort and well-being. It was always carefully polished and flaunted in the most prominent place of the room.

The word "samovar" entered almost all languages of the world. In Western Europe, people called samovar like Russian tea machine. Many rich people came to Russia on purpose to buy such machine.

There is a legend that Peter the Great had stocked the samovar to Russia from the Netherlands but naturally samovars appeared about half a century after the death of Peter. Initially, the Ural artisans began to produce samovars. The first samovar appeared on Irginsky factory in Ural 275 years ago.

Samovar occupies a special place among the Russian traditions. There are even museums of samovars in Russia. The most famous of them is a museum in Tula. There you can see samovars that vary in form, material and size from the huge 70-liter samovar to the tiny samovar that accommodates three water droplet. This museum is a kind of hallmark of the city of Tula. If you visit Tula, we recommend that you visit the museum in the first place!

Tea that was prepared in a samovar turns out to be the most delicious. Samovar is a real chemical reactor that effectively reduces the hardness of the water. Due to the composition of the alloy and structure of the samovar, water is heated in a special way preserving its useful properties. Therefore every tea has such an incredible taste.

Samovar is a kind of Russian hospitality. It gathers together friends and family, and presents warm and cordial rest.

Today samovar is not a mandatory attribute, which should be on the table when the whole family gets together. However, this does not mean that now you cannot treat yourself with tea from a samovar. Samovars are sold in antique shops and specialty stores. Samovar can create a surprisingly warm and cozy atmosphere in the house; also, it can add a unique flavor to family and friendly gatherings, recall long forgotten but such pleasant Russian traditions. The samovar can be a great souvenir, because it is an attribute of unique Russian traditions, a great gift and an unusual element of the interior. 

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