Russian valenki

Russian Souvenirs / Russian Valenki

The word "valenki" is inseparable from the traditional notion of Russia, with its cold winters and snowy expanses.

History of valenki began 2.5 thousand years ago. Then the first felt products were found in the Altai Mountains. The process of felting shoes came from Asian countries.

Mass production of valenki began in Russia in the XVIII century. It happened in the town of Myshkin where museum of valenki has still remained. Since then, the shoes have become so popular in Russia. Many workshops specializing in the manufacture of valenki are opened across the country.

The process of creation of valenki is very complex. It is necessary first to prepare the wool: peel and knead until it becomes soft. Previously it was done by hand, but later people began to use special tools. After that, the material was placed in a warm salty mixture for a while. Then it was put on the shape of a shoe and adjusted to the desired size.

Valenki is a truly Russian souvenir, they will be a great gift. In addition, they are very warm shoes, which will warm your during cold Russian winters.

Another type of warm winter shoes are high fur boots (also called “unty”). High fur boots are casual shoes of Far North peoples. From there, they have their historical origins.

The name fur shoes "unty" comes from the indigenous people of Eastern Siberia, Evenki. Translated from the Evenk language as "unty", which means "boots".

The first short fur shoes, Evenks sew from deerskin and decorated with colored cloth and beads. Inside they have a fur lining and soles of sheared deerskin.

For a long time, only the peoples living in the Far North wore high fur boots. Currently, high fur boots are of combine style, comfort and warmth. An interesting fact is that the high fur boots are the subject of art.

Masters decorate them with beads, embroidery, thread, pieces of leather and fur. To create a good quality shoe masters use fur of wolf, wild boar, foxes, sheep and dogs. Due to natural materials and unique design high fur boots can be used at temperatures down to - 50 ° C. 

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