Tours to Russia / Crimea

Crimea, a tiny subtropical gem, boasts a wide range of landscape vistas: mountains, plateaus, shingle beaches, pine forests, vineyards, blooming steppes and meadows, canyons, rivers and caves.  It is a ravishing diamond-shaped peninsula located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.  The swimming season is rather short: june through september. But thanks to a mild climate, it is possible to spend a vacation here summer and winter alike.

Biggest cities are Simferopol (the capital), Alushta, Feodosiya, Bakhchysarai, Sevastopol, Yalta, Yevpatoria.

Yalta is a beautiful town and Crimea’s most popular resort. It is surrounded by dazzling mountain and sea landscapes. Mountains secure it from north winds. The best time to visit is september and october, when the weather is perfect. You can not miss visiting Massandra Palace and Wine Plant, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Swallow’s Nest and Livadia Palace. Another must-see is Ai-Petri mountain peak (1,234 m). At sunrise, it boasts most stunning views.

Another notable getaway-spot is Feodosiya. This place has an extensive history and remarkable architecture, and it attracts travellers who want to get the taste of the old. Among the place worth-visiting are an ancient Genoan fortress, Stamboli’s Palace and the Armenian church.

Bakhchysarai, a heartland of crimean tatars, is also a great destination. It offers great hikes and scenic views.

Sevastopol is a historical port city and a popular seaside resort. It is one of the most pleasant Crimean cities, with its whitewashed buildings, boulevards, parks, museums, theatres and numerous monuments. Also,  Sevastopol offers the chance to taste original “Baklava” dessert.

A small resort Koktebel (also known as Planerskoye), is one of the best sites for paragliding and hang gliding.

 Yevpatoria, a relatively big crimean city, is home to one of the top attractions on the peninsula, The Little Jerusalem. It is a historic district in the centre of the city. Within a small area, there is an impressive variety of cultural and sacred sites: temples, mosques and churches. In summer, there are also fairs and festivals.

Partenit is a small seaside town. It was originally an ancient Greek settlement by the name Parthenium. Partenit most notable for the best crimean park, Aivazovsky Park (or Paradise park). A very scenic place with exotic plants, charming waterfalls and sculptures in Ancient Greek style. The main highlight of the place is 200 year old olive grove. There is also a famous winery “Massandra” nearby. 

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