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Americans exploring Siberia. Part 1

Tours to Russia / Siberia

Today I will start telling you the stories of first visitors to Kurgan and Tyumen, by the project Go-to-Russia!

The very first guest came to us from the USA. His name is Bill Martin. He is a devoted traveler, Rotary Club Member, active CouchSurfing member, former businessman and politician. Now Bill is enjoying the world. In several years, he has visited 52 countries. He was once in Russia, but that time he visited just Kaliningrad.

Our company helped him with the invitation and visa consulting. He got his Russian visa for 3 years. So, now Bill can travel to Russia several times a year)) with 6-month entrance!

His trip to Kurgan was planned for 6 days. Here I will describe you these days in details 😉

1 day

At six in the morning we met our guest at the airport in Tyumen. The plane arrived on schedule, and 15 minutes later a stately man with a snow-white American smile walked towards us.

Bill's first phrase was: "I'm very surprised!". It turned out that Bill was shocked by the rapid passage of Russian customs, and the pleasant attitude of the girl-customs officer. "She looked at my documents, smiled and said:" Welcome to Russia! "

I'll explain Bill's surprise - he was sure (like all Americans) that going through customs in Russia is a tough task. He expected that he would be examined and checked at every point of the route - Moscow, Tyumen, Kurgan.

So, we went to Kurgan. We arrived, settled, had lunch ... and went on an automobile tour around the city of Kurgan. And, here, the American visitor began to explore the historical wealth of this Siberian city. The culmination of the excursion was a visit to the Museum of the History of the City, in which an exceptional collection of all the epochs of the development and formation of the city is exhibited.

After immersion in history, we decided to show Bill the future of Kurgan, for this we visited the main "European" property of the city - the Kurgan Rifle Club.

Our guest was, once again, pleasantly surprised by the modern building of the Club restaurant, with a picturesque view, which opens from the balcony on the second floor. In a break between wonderful food and drinks, we competed in the accuracy of shooting skeet.

By the way, about food, I recommend everyone to try here - branded mushrooms and traditional Russian shashlyk. And, of course, all these delicious dishes go with wonderful wine - from France, Italy, Germany, Georgia.

So, happy and full, Billy went to his first sleep in Siberia)


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