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KURGAN. International Couchsurfing Meeting

Tours to Russia / The Great Ural

We start a monthly Couchsurfing project devoted to World Football Cup 2018 in Russia.

We invite Couchsurfers from all over the world to our Siberian land of Kurgan and Tyumen.

1 day

General meeting at Tyumen airport and Kurgan Central Railway Station.

Accomodation in host families.

Car-tour around the historical sights of the city.

Spa-center “Saunas of the World” (5$/1 hour)

2 day

Morning exercises in the Central Park

Breakfast in Soviet style café “Record” (about 3-5$)

Horse-farm “Persten” with Orlov horses (riding a horse to the fields). (3$)

Visiting Historical Tatar-Mongol burials – called “Kurgans”.

Open-air Barbeque near historical village Shmakovo.

Dinner in “Mamma Mia” restaurant (3-5$).

3 day

Morning exercises in the Blue Lakes District.

Breakfast in “Family” restaurant (3-5$).

Jeep-tour in cross-country roads – to historical village of Chimeevo.

Eco-complex “Husky and Malamutes” (communicating with dogs, exploring the world of Ural Father Frost, open-air barbeque). (7$)

Spa-complex “Family” (swimming in Thermal Baths, Khammam – Turkish sauna). (7$/1 hour)

Dinner in Georgian restaurant “Marani”. (3-5$)

4 day

Morning exercises in the forest on the track of Ural Extreme Games.

Breakfast in German Shooting Club, out of city. (5-7$)

Trap-shooting. (7$)

Visiting interactive event “Russian Izba (Traditional Hut)” (10$)

Factory producing VALENKI (Russian traditional footwear).

Russian language class.

Dinner in “Guests” restaurant (popular among Russian pop-stars). (7-10$)

5 day

Morning exercises on the Isle of Smiles.

Visiting eco-settlement “Rodniki” (immersion into historical atmosphere of Russian national style of living, cultural attributes of life in the 18th-19th, Russian traditional Banya). (10$)

Master-classes in Russian traditional crafts.

Classes of yoga (openair). (5$)

Falk festival in historical wood named after Russian Queen Elizabeth.

6 day

Morning exercise in best city fitness-club “Platinum”. (free of charge)

Master-classes in Russian traditional crafts. (10$)

Russian language class.

Visiting of rejuvenation and healing lake out of city (swimming, mud baths and having fun 😊). (free of charge)

Dinner in French restaurant “Michelle”, (7-10$)

7 day

Morning exercise in Ice Hall. (10$)

Breakfast in Russian Tea Hall. (7$)

Photo-set around the city. (15$)

Final meeting and bonfire!

Additional tips:

1. Wild fishing

2. Puppet museum

3. Beer and kvas factory.

4. Local market with local food.

5. Bicycle tour.

Service (drivers+guides) – 700$/ 7 days.

Accomodation – FREE.

* hotel – 40$/1 night. 

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