The Great Ural

Tours to Russia / The Great Ural

What comes to mind when you hear about Ural? Most likely that the Ural is somewhere far away, where no one has ever been and where it's always cold and always snowing! All of this is just funny stereotypes. We are ready to dispel these myths by showing you a great and incredibly beautiful Ural!

The Ural is located at Europe and Asia junction. The main part of this region is the Ural Mountains, also called Stone Belt. 

There are many legends about the Ural Mountains. For example, there is a legend about one Giant wearing a belt with deep pockets. The Giant hid his wealth in them. The belt was huge. Once the Giant stretched his belt and went along its way - from cold Kara Sea in the north to the sandy beaches of the south of the Caspian Sea.

So, when you come now to Ural, you can find out the greatness of this belt root. The Ural Mountains really impress with their grandeur and beauty.

The capital of the Ural is the city of Yekaterinburg. A bustling and growing city that is rich in historical monuments and unique architecture. This city boasts a large number of extraordinarily beautiful temples and museums, which has a unique collection of exhibits. The most popular holiday destination of residents and tourists of Yekaterinburg is the Iset River. An ancient dam of the city pond is a very nice place. Residents of the city lovingly refer to this place.

The nature of the Ural is unique in its diversity and capable of hitting its beauty and wealth. There are mountains and cliffs, caves, rivers and lakes, waterfalls, and even fountains. Far beyond the Urals one can find such unique natural attractions as Kapova cave also known as the Shul'gan-Tash with the ancient cave paintings, Kungur Ice Cave, the Chusovaya River, a Mount Narodnaya, a National Park Taganay and many other places.

The Ural is an incredibly rich region. It is rich in nature, infrastructure, attractions and monuments but perhaps the most important attraction of the Ural are the people who live here.

Gyyom Petit, a guest of Yekaterinburg and a student of the Paris Descartes University, shares his impressions about residents of the capital of the Ural: "In France, it is believed that the Russians are sullen and private people who never smile. In Yekaterinburg, I made discovery for myself that residents of the Ural are very cheerful, hospitable and welcoming people. They know how to have fun and are always ready to help".

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